PUNKscape: East Bay Massacre

For the first PUNKscape, let’s take a little trip through the East Bay!


Let them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade

There are a lot of good punk rock documentaries out there, but a must see is “Let them Know: the Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records.”  Youth Brigade represented the true, DIY spirit of punk rock.  Their message was bold and their music brash.  Do yourself a favor and screen this mutha!

Youth Brigade – Sink with California, 1983

Wednesday Oi!

Wednesday’s are dedicated to my favorite underground movement, Oi! Punk.  In an era challenged by the conformed conceptions of our money driven society, we need a little blue-collar honesty to stand up and take a swing the system.  Here are a couple o’ jams I think you will enjoy thoroughly.

On a side note, I do have plans to bring you guys some actual reviews and band profiles as well as a weekly “music-scape” feature.  More details on that to come shortly,  In the meantime, while I’m working on my first batch of programming you’re stuck watching these awesome Youtube videos but I hope my little commentary will keep you coming back.  Enjoy

Oi! f***ing Oi!

Angelic Upstarts – “Brighton Bomb”

Starting things off is a cut by the Angelic Upstarts, pioneers of the Oi! movement.  They set the stage in the late 1970’s for this urban brand of rock, singing about workers rights and the struggles of the proletariat.  Their song “Brighton Bomb” doesn’t conform to the edgy, Oi! standards, but carries with it a morbid message of human mortality.  Set to the backdrop of an assassination attempt on England’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by the Irish Republican Army in 1984, Brighton Bomb begs the question ‘who is right in the face of war?’

The Business – “Work or Riot”

Cockney Rejects – “Oi! Oi! Oi!”

“We stand for punk as bootboy music. Oi! is working class, and if you’re not working class you’ll get a kick in the bollocks.” – Stinky Turner, 1980.

24 hours of PUNK ROCK

PUNK ROCK is now streaming 24/7 on Craven’s SkaPunkRadio.  Check it out.  Band interviews, old school jams, new school cuts and those deep tracks that never get any FM love.  This show brings the heat!  Check it out, like it on Facebook and leave your requests.  New show every night at 9pm!!!

Bad Monday 1/30

An old one done right

American Jesus

Sowing it dow with some “Sorrow”

Happy Monday

Sunday Hardcore Matineè

Here at the Review, every Sunday is dedicated to hardcore punk.  I do my best to scour the Web for classic hardcore licks from the 80’s and spotlight bands that are keeping the faith alive today.  Hardcore punk is a gritty, in your face power surge designed to assault the senses.  It was America’s own brand of punk rock, exploding out of the nation’s inner-cities like a nuclear bomb.

To start things off I give you a cut from 1986, off of their debut album “Back on the map,” “Chip on my shoulder” by Slapshot!

Black Flag-

Minor Threat-


Bad Brains-

In conclusion, DKM 2011